Welcome to NPO Club 
You are an elite squad- a group of brilliant organisations. You are changing what the arts industry is and making sure people's voices are heard. You are exactly the organisations that the Let's Create Strategy and this NPO portfolio is about.


This NPO round will be highly competitive but even if you don't get it this time, none of this is wasted work. It will support your organisational development, tighten up your future plans, can form the basis of a large scale ACE project grant and also creates material that will be useful for lots of other funding bids. Let's go.

Planning resources

Writing Resources

I've put a suggested writing calendar below or you can download it. Earlier is good. Later is possible but if you value your peace of mind DO NOT try and submit on Grantium on 25 or 26 April! It will crash all the time and always takes longer than you think to upload and check everything. 


If I am feeding back on drafts as part of our work together then I need up to 7 days to turn this round so please allow enough time in your planning. 


In addition to our one-to-one work, I'm planning a couple of small group workshops, which you're welcome to join if you'd like to meet others in the same boat and have some focused supported writing time.