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Do you want support and a space to talk through next steps for your organisation?

I am offering free one-to-one sessions for

small organisations with a cause (e.g. community development, campaign, queer, environment)


This is for you if you…

  • Set up and run your organisation pretty much by yourself (or maybe there’s two of you together)

  • You’re all over it when it comes to the delivery, but the organisation and strategy stuff around it makes you want to hide/ cry

  • Feel overwhelmed with how much there is to do and aren’t sure what’s next

What is it?

An hour long Zoom with me, to talk through where your organisation is at and what the challenges are. We’ll come up with some ideas for making it feel manageable and I’ll share info that can help with things like fundraising, programme planning, registering a charity/ CIC or evaluation.

How do I sign up?

Let me know a little bit about you and your organisation here and I’ll be in touch if I’m the right person to offer you a useful one-to-one session. You can then choose a date and time from my calendar that works for you.

Click here to get in touch


Who are you?

Hi, I’m Christina. Starting out when Linkin Park were first topping the charts, I’ve set up, run or been a director for a whole range of organisations and all of them, like yours, are small orgs focused on making change in the world.
I genuinely enjoy what people call “the boring stuff” (finance, policies, business planning etc) and work with people to translate the jargon into useful things to help you get stuff done. There’s more about me and what I do here.

Why is it free?

I’m developing something new: a Sticky-note Strategy virtual retreat/ workshop thing (still working on the name). We will use visual, creative activities to create an organisation strategy that is clear and not stressful, to make your organisation more fundable and easier to run. And we’ll use a lot of post-it notes (other sticky-note brands are available). It’s useful while I’m planning all this to chat to the people it will be for (founders of small organisations doing great stuff) to make it as useful as possible. So while these one to one sessions are focused on helping you, they will also help me. Everyone’s a winner.


My friend runs a similar organisation, can I tell them about it?

Please do! Feel free to share this page with any Facebook groups or communities you’re part of too. 


If it's not right for you at the moment but you'd like me to update you as everything develops, shout me here (or if you have any questions)





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